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What is a VPN ? How to use VPN on Android And PC for free !! 2019 !!



You guys Must have heard about VPN most of the time if you are interested in technology and also have used it .But you may not know all the things about VPN and the use of VPN .So after reading this post you will be clear about what is VPN and how to use VPN.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network simply VPN can be understand as “The private connection between client and server which is safe and secured ” .

Internet Service Providers :

The organization that provide internet to the user all around the world is know as internet service providers . ISP are doing great job they are helping us to connect with the internet .But internet services providers have easily asses to what we are surfing in the internet .Also can stop us from seeing any website in the internet .

Benefits Of using VPN :

1.Easy access to all the restricted sites .

2.Use public Wifi securely .

3.Remove your foot prints from the internet .

4.Hides your identity .

5.Save your credit card’s number .

6.Avoid government to view you .

7.Saves money .

8.Avoid more tax .

9.You can get access to all internet usage .

10.Maintain safe connection between server and you .

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VPN for all devices ?

Yes, You have access to use VPN for many of the devices .The most commonly used devices are PC and mobile (Android/IOS) .Their are many VPN for PC and Andriod the most common VPN of Computer are :

VPN for PC :

Also there are many VPN for mobile some are easy to work and some are not .Here are some list of easiest VPN mobile Apps are :

VPN for Mobile :

  • Pure VPN .
  • Opera VPN . (Trusted and Add free !)
  • PIA VPN .
  • Vypr VPN .
  • TunnelBear VPN .
  • F-Secure Freedome VPN .
  • Nord VPN .
  • IPVanish VPN .
  • Express VPN .

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