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Top 17 Technology Facts You Haven’t Heard Before


Technology has done a lot of improvement seeing it 10 years back then now. Technology hasn’t only invented and found new things but also has made some interesting facts that you might or might not have heard.

Here are the 17 Technology Facts that I am going to talk in today’s article. I am also sure must of you haven’t heard about these facts.

  1. Nasa April fooled the whole world telling they found Water on Mars in 2005.
  2. Surgeons who are grown up playing games do make fewer mistake compare to others.
  3. All the domains combinations from aaa.com to zzz.com has already been registered.
  4. Pokémon GO’s game more than 50 million downloads in 19 days.
  5. 250 million hours people spend watching videos daily via Netflix.
  6. The largest SSD Hard Disk in this universe till now is of 60TB.
  7. The first Computer mouse was carved from wood.
  8. The Computer Running On Water has already been made in Russia.
  9. Microsoft had developed the first SmartWatch in the year 1994.
  10. Symbolics.com is the oldest domain in the webpage and even now you can find this domain.
  11. To take photographs with a first made camera, we had to sit for 8 hours continuously so we can take a one photo isn’t it wired?
  12. Nexus was the first Web Browser.
  13. A Rubik’s Cube can be solved in 20 moves or less.
  14. Technophobia is a disease which makes people scared of Tech!
  15. The most popular mobile app was Facebook in 2015.
  16. Japanese Scientists are working on Recording and Replaying Dreams.
  17. There are over 4.2 billion searches per day on Google.

    So those are the top 17 technology facts which you may not know before so if you find something useful in this article then feel free to share with your friends so they can also gain knowledge about the facts of technology.


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