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Digital Marketing-What is digital Marketing


Digital Marketing-What is digital Marketing ?

Digital marketing is any marketing strategy that takes place online. Also referred to as online marketing, it encompasses a variety of marketing forms like video advertisements, search engine marketing and e-mail marketing. It is the opposite of offline marketing, and can also fall under digital marketing. Digital marketing needs a good approach in areas of design, development and advertising. A company with a total web site marketing plan will have more success online than one that has just designed a web site without thinking of how to market their company through it.

When you think of marketing, the different forms you come up with are mostly Digital marketing (also called Internet marketing). In fact, the majority of companies today are using different types of Digital marketing to reach their potential customers. Digital marketing includes any marketing efforts that are taken to introduce a product or service to someone who isn’t looking for that product or service. Some examples are cold calling, sending newsletters, billboards, and banner ads on different websites.

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The 9 different types of digital marketing: Which is right for us?

1.SEO: Increase traffic from search engines

2.PPC:  Increase traffic from search engines

3.PR: Increase exposure for business

4.Social Media Marketing: Build customer relationships

5.Content Marketing: Increase traffic from search engines, exposure, sales & leads

6.Affiliate Marketing: Increase sales & leads

7.Viral Marketing: Increase exposure – short term

8. Influencer Marketing: Increase exposure  targetted

9.Online/Website Marketing: Coverall term; could include any of the above methods/goals


1. Search Engine Optimizations (SEO)

SEO is a type of marketing which main goal is to get you to rank higher up in Google searches. SEO is one of the first and still strongest types of digital marketing you’ll come across. 94% of all the clicks in search results go to organic listings – not PPC.

The methods have changed over the years; but the aim is still generally the same. Get you higher up in the list when your customers do Google searches.

2. Pay Per Click Advertising(PPC)

The ‘sponsored’ links you’ll see in many search engine results. They’ll usually have a note somewhere to let you know they are sponsored.

They can also be picture ads featuring on other websites. When people refer to pay per click advertising, they are likely talking about the ‘sponsored’ links you often see in Google searches; however they may also be referring to ads in other search engines too, like Yahoo or bing.

They’re one of the only types of digital marketing that is completely short term – when you stop paying, the ad ceases to exist.They are links to your website that you pay to get ranked above or alongside the ‘organic’ listings shown in a search. SEO is about ranking highly long term in the organic listings – PPC is usually about simply paying a search engine directly to be up there.

3. Public Relations (PR)

PR is all about exposure – whether that’s in a news article or giving a talk at an event, it’s aim is to get your business well known out there and in the right places.

Public relations cannot be overlooked – and although it’s not strictly just a type of digital marketing, I had to include it because it can have a huge impact on your digital marketing results.

Of all the types of digital marketing; PR is most likely to result in the most exposure quickly apart from maybe viral marketing but more on that later.

4. social media marketing

Most people can benefit but especially if you are a ABC company or you’re just starting out in general.

Social media marketing covers everything that you might do to drum up business on your social media channels – from Facebook and Twitter to Snapchat and LinkedIn – where ever you’re connecting with your customers socially – it’s social media marketing.

5. Content Marketing

Content marketing is like all the best bits of digital marketing – wrapped up into one big cuddle.

It is a method of digital marketing that uses good content that your customers want to read to encourage new sales and leads online. It can be content anywhere – from YouTube to podcasts, tweets to info-graphic – but most often it’s blog content on your website, driving new traffic through search engines like SEO.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you site back and relax – and let someone else do the marketing for you. The only catch is, if they bring in a sale – you share the profits.

Affiliate marketing is where you recruit ‘affiliates’ for your business, and they draw in leads. Affiliates are like sales people that you pay on commission. The ‘commission’ is determined entirely by you; some organisations offer a percentage of the sale made, others offer a flat rate per product.

7. Viral Marketing

 Viral marketing is amazing – if you can get some content of yours to go viral, it could turn your business into an overnight success.

Viral marketing is when you do something either incredibly weird, hilarious or “on trend” in a current popular topic, which gets you noticed and shared – a lot. It usually causes a big spike in traffic to your website over a short period of time.

Viral marketing can help any business out there , however,  I’ve mainly seen big wins with ABC businesses. Mainly because consumer goods going to reach a much bigger audience than a business service…like insurance. Not impossible, just harder.


8. Influencer Marketing

It’s vastly different from the other types of digital marketing, but can be equally as effective.

Influencer marketing is where you drive sales by striking a deal with someone who already has a following and “influences” your target market. It’s a bit like how Pepsi might sponsor Britney Spears as it’s spokes person. If your target market was other entrepreneurs for example, you might try to get Richard Branson on board to help market your business.

But these days, with social media, it goes even further than that. You can strike a good deal with a popular instagrammer and get her to wear your brand of clothes in a couple of photos – and spend a few hundred pounds in order to reach millions of your target market.

9.Online/Website Marketing

 Digital, online, website marketing – these are all the same things. And they cover any of the above. It’s an ‘umbrella’ term. So I would make sure you figure out which of the services you really want in the above list before going to an agency that does this, so you know exactly which types of digital marketing you should ask for.


Everyone who wants to be successful online – whatever you do – don’t just invest in a website and let it sit!




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