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Best Online Shopping Sites In Nepal


Nowadays everything is being digital. Also, Online Shopping Sites in Nepal is increasing. There are a lot of people who go to market from their home on public vehicles which is really offending. After doing a lot of work you reach the market. When you reach the market it is not sure that you will get good products while shopping.

So, the best and alternative way of shopping in Nepal is Through Online Shopping. The sites give you the ability to do shopping form your own home in a simple tap. The delivery might be a little slow due to the transport structure of Nepal. But your wish of having a quality product and the choice of yours will be fulfilled. Big brands also have increased their digital market then the offline market. They have started launching their products on the digital base.

The Team of Techy Bug is using the source of Nepali Online Shopping Site from a long time back. Also, we haven’t faced any problem with the quality and the number of products. We are able to find all the amazing products online rather than getting it from the Supermarket or Shop. There are official Companies selling products directly on the site. Whereas the shopkeeper charges more money than the online shopping site. The reason is the agent who charges a lot of money while the company sell and shopkeeper buys the products.

Table of Contents

  • List of Best Online Shopping Sites In Nepal
  • How is the Online Shopping Site List Categorized?
  • On Growing E-commerce Sites List:
  • How to chose the Best Products?

List of Best Online Shopping Sites In Nepal

1. Daraz.com.np

daraz online shopping Nepal

This is the leader of online retail in Nepal, offering e-commerce services for apparel, accessories, clothes, beauty products, electronics & general merchandise. Daraz / Kaymu also has its official app which is very easy to use which is available in the Play Store and App Store. As mentioned above it has Nepal online shopping app. The Shopping Site was kaymu before. Daraz.com.np is the site where the Techy Bug Team mostly orders products.

2. Hamrobazar.com

hamrobazar online shopping Nepal

Hamrobazar is a free online classified store that allows many types of sellers to sell their products for potential and more consumers. The website also has its mobile app which enables the seller and buyer easily to connect with each other. The app of hamrobazar online shopping site is also compatible with android and ios devices.

3. Nepbay.com

nepbay online shopping Nepal

If you want to shop online in Nepal via mobile app and then the most downloaded app for E-commerce in Nepal is Nepbay. Basically, this online store provides a platform for buyers and sellers to easily sell and buy. Also, it has launched the site which is the same as the mobile app.

4. Sastodeal.com

sastodeal online shopping Nepal

Sastodeal is also one of the biggest online shopping sites in Nepal. They have got different types of products at affordable prices. All it takes is a few clicks to place your order and then the product will be at your doorsteps. It also provides all the necessary services for the buyers and sellers.

 5. Muncha.com

muncha online shopping Nepal

Muncha is a branch of Muncha House which is a general store that has been in Nepal for over 70 years. It facilitates all Nepalese residing abroad to send gifts as well as money to Nepal. It also provides different kinds of services.

6. Thulo.com

thulo online shopping Nepal

At Thulo.com, you can shop for all kinds of products enjoying our Free Home Delivery. To date, Thulo.com has served 1000s of satisfied customers and so ensuring a high level of loyalty from those valued customers. They also have different types of products of Glossary, Personal Care, Liquors, Gifts, Man Fashion and also Women’s Fashion.

7. Esewapasal.com

esewapasal online shopping Nepal

Esewa Online Payment Service and EsewaPasal E-commerce Portal have formed Esewapasal. It is the fastest-growing E-commerce Site In Nepal. It is committed to make a wide variety of products available for purchase at the best rates and become a trusted name and the first shopping destination for all Nepalese living in Nepal as well as abroad.

How is the Online Shopping Site List Categorized?

The List of Online Shopping Sites In Nepal is Categorized according to the costumer’s choice of the category of products. It is also based on the delivery time and the features and also how much is the delivery widely available. This list of online shopping sites includes the shopping site of Nepal will all the categories like Men’s Faison, Women’s Faison, Electronics, Auto Mobiles, Liqueur, Glossary and many more.

On Growing E-commerce Sites List:

  • meroshopping.com
  • merowish.com
  • mynepshop.com
  • style97.com
  • jojajomarket.com
  • smartdoko.com

How to chose the Best Products?

Let me share with you how to choose the best product online at the best price. Choosing the best products online from the shopping site is really easy. Firstly you must select the well known and legit online shopping site where quality products are available. Also, that site is providing Online Shopping Service for a long time.

The second thing that you can do is you can check for the better alternative of the products on the shopping site. Then check if you can get the products at the cheapest price. After that check whether the seller selling the product provides good products or not. Check the reviews and the Joined Date of The Seller as will with its number of products.


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